Automated guest communication

The new Deskline® Onlim Edition is feratel’s solution for automated communication between tourist organizations and guests.

This is a multi-channel chatbot management system for automated communication on a destination website, Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

As a tourist organization, with the Deskline® Onlim Edition you can meet your guests and potential customers in the micro-moments and communicate with them directly, automatically and in a personalized way. At the same time, you can advance new digital sales channels – regardless of the time of day or the staffing of your team.

  • Tourism data
    The contents of the Onlim Deskline® Edition include: points of interest (POI), accommodation (currently no booking data), events, infrastructures, weather, small talk, holiday themes (culture, music, ...). Other topics with related questions and answers can be added as needed.
  • Multichannel
    As a standard feature, the chatbot is offered as a widget on the website and as a Facebook Messenger bot. A connection to Amazon Alexa is also available as an option. Google Assistant will also be connected starting in 2018.
  • Interfaces/bot management system
    The data the bot uses to answer comes directly from the feratel Deskline® Content Pool and other sources, and customers can supplement, customize and manage it themselves using the provided bot management system.

  • Human switch
    A so-called “human switch” makes it easy for employees to take over the conversation. This feature is complemented by a chat room where the bot’s interactions with users can be tracked in real time.

  • Data export
    Customers can see the conversations at any time using their chat bot. The intentions behind the questions (intents), questions and answers can be exported and analyzed at the touch of a button.