feratel CardSystem

Our card system is an adaptable and efficient solution developed to enhance the tourism value chain, to create attractive service packages, to optimise tourism-related CRM measures and lots more.

Various technical requirements on the client-side and close collaboration with the destination’s marketing and product departments guarantee the permanent transfer of know-how and a continued system development, benefiting the partners and clients with automatic update services.

Whether you plan to create an attractive service package or to optimise your tourism-related CRM measures – with feratel CardSystem you have an adaptable and efficient solution at your disposal to enhance the tourism value chain of your destination.

Designing an individual service package with the help of an electronic customer card provides you with the unique opportunity to present the offer more attractively, to show your guests the wide array of offers and to attach them to the region, but also to learn more about their travel and vacation habits.

The main goal of feratel card solutions is to provide your guests and clients with an easy access to defined services and to grant accommodation providers as well as companies and service partners a convenient and flexible handling. Based on professional data management you are now in the position to draw the guests’ and customers’ attention to next season’s offers with tailor-made service packages.

We supply both card software and hardware. Our solution is a real-time online system that is modularly structured and meets all client demands. Thanks to feratel technology, acquisition and application is low-cost and can also be financed by smaller regions. Ultimately, improved comfort will create a higher value-added regional economy and investments are soon amortised

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