feratel Info Systems

The kind of information needed by the holidaymaker varies depending on time and place. Has s/he just arrived at the airport or the holiday resort, is s/he on the way to the ski area or on an evening stroll? With feratel info systems – info terminals and digital signage systems – you are able to provide your guests with permanently updated and targeted information around the clock, also outside the opening hours of the tourist office. It is the perfect 24-hour service: from vacant rooms to events, leisure facilities, food & drink, weather reports or live panorama videos of the mountain, the beach or the city centre…

We make sure that you offer your guests the best information and services possible.

Info Terminal: “Business Card” of the Destination
Our info terminals (Informator and Infomedia) are accessibly located and provide your guests with a wide array of local information quickly and easily. Info terminals perfectly combine print and online features. Accommodation providers are present 24 hours a day with attractively designed advertisings and the entire tourism offer is accessible via a large touchscreen.

Accommodations, hotels and restaurants as well as infrastructural, sport and leisure facilities, events or weather reports and live panorama videos are clearly represented in words and pictures. Our state-of-the-art info terminals are the “business card” of the regional hospitality industry.  If the destination uses Deskline destination management system, the info terminals access your database fully automated. This saves additional maintenance and data administration.

Moreover, info terminals can be adjusted to the individual needs of the holiday destination: whether it is an outdoor or an indoor installation, whether they are big or small, whether they vary in colour or representation, feratel Info Terminals include boards, maps, touchscreen, telephone, printer and integration of the office software and guarantee our clients the highest possible flexibility.

Digital Signage: Pure Infotainment
Digital Signage has a huge potential in terms of technology and communications. Its technology and especially its content have made Digital Signage projects successful.

Above all, we have to offer our guests the most attractive and exciting information and entertainment programmes. The huge challenge now is to synchronise the communicated information with the various needs of the visitors (i.e. ski tourists need different information in the morning than in the evening).

Not only do we supply the best technology, but we also offer high-quality content -   ultimately, success and failure depend on the content. We make sure you offer your guests the best information and services possible.

Our DigitalSignage systems stand out with intelligent technology, innovative design and sophisticated communication concepts. They combine essential information such as how to find the way around in the village, city, ski area … current info on food and drink, events or infrastructural facilities with exciting entertainment presented in form of tickers, pictures, videos, live streams and lots more. Most of all, we strive to offer your guests a very attractive and entertaining programme.

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